The State of the Railroad Throne Speech
Or, MRD is wasting time and resources ... again
The state of the MRD Rail Empire as of Dec. 26 2006

What a pointless bunch of writing this is ... it's all about model trains and will likely bore everyone both model rail fans (because they'll think I don't know what I'm talking about, because really I know little about model railroading) and everyone else (because they don't care what I'm talking about). Anyhow, that said, I keep promising model rail updates and am finally delivering.

First up ... the development of Bad Junction is in abeyance for now. I've learned several things recently that have made me decide to delay on this layout, including:

1) code 80 n-scale rail doesn't really look realistic on a layout to my eye. It's too high. I'm thinking of switching to code 55 rail (it's not as high, and looks more like real rail) but I'm not sure if this will introduce any operational problems and will cost some big bucks.

2) I've got a little switching layout working, and it's teaching me a few operational issues that exist with n-scale gear. These issues may well come up on Bad Junction, and make it hell to play with instead of fun. More research and development is required before comitting further to Bad Junction.

3) I like Bad Junction. I've visited the real location where this fictional place would be, and researched some of the actual history of the area. That, plus this layout is meant as a statement on what Canadians could have been with more effort and less taking the easy road ... if I'm going to make that message into a 3-d quasi reality I want to do it right. At this point, I don't have the chops.

For now, Bad Junmction will remain in its present form ... as a non-funtional test layout that's nowhere near complete, a bunch of locomotives and rolling stock appropriate for the layout, some drawings and ideas, reading and research, a simulation built in a video game called Railroad Tycoon 3, and a bunch of opinions on why Canada is doing things wrong. There will be more to come on the Junction though ... no worries.

Second up ... I've already mentioned this in talking about Bad Junction, I've got a small (about 0.5m by 1m) layout going; it's a totally fictional layout modelling a little yard serving 2 small industries. It's set in a distopian urban setting influenced by soem sci-fi reading I've done. I've got it to the point where trains run on it, but I've not finished doing the scenery. Sadly, I've yet to get any good photos of it so you'll all have to imagine it for now. It's been a learning experience ... and fun to boot. At least I can make my trains move,. finally.

Third and last ... the switching layout is all well and good, but it would be nice to let a train run for a distance longer than a meter. To that end, I'm doing yet another layout , using the construction techniques I'd been considering for Bad Junction, and mainly re-using rail and other sundries that I've already got on hand. With luck, this will get me to the point where my skills will be up to Bad Junction and I'll not make any huge errors that will cripple that layout. Updates will come on this project sooner or later ... suffice it to say for now things are shaping up, the layout will be expandable, things will be set in the distopian environ I've already dealt with in the aforementioned switching layout, and as things stand now I should be able to get at least a 15m run for a train in the near future.

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