MRD-Works List, special themes -- ontario
This page is, at present, under construction. Below is a near-complete listing of my works in chronological order. Future versions of the works list will be searchable by various criteria, and score/recording/parts availablity will be indicated. If you wish to perform, support or just want further information on any of the works, please contact me

North 47.826 (2016)
i. prelude
2. meet
iii. nocturne
4. depart
v. postlude
for piano, live and recorded electronics
2016-04-23; mmmmConcerts presents New and Used Music; Michael Dobinson - electronics, Marco Burak - piano

A questionable sonic account Of pointless travels (2015)
Travelling Music 15_09_20-23
1. dreams of a hogtown escape
2. night chorus : englehart
3. trackwork chase
4. air crash investigation in a hotel
5. morning chorus : hearst
6. horne pain crossing
for pre-recorded electronics

i : Prelude : Georgetown : Winter In The Trees
ii : Toccata : Halton Sub : Blowing Snow
iii : Postlude : Bramalea : Gray Slush
for piano, organ, synthetic voice, live and recorded electronics
2013-05-04; mmmmConcerts 2013 - Voices; Marco Burak; organ, Michel Allard; piano, Michael Dobinson; electronics

Brock's Monuments (2012)
for piano (mezzo-soprano), organ, flute, voice, pre-recorded electronics, live electronics
2012-05-12; mmmmConcerts, The War of 2012 Bicentenary Season Stratford ON Canada.

Northland Autumn (2011)
for piano, organ, live and pre-recorded electronics
2011-11; mmmmConcerts at Zion Lutheran Church, Stratford ON; Michel Allard, piano; Marco Burak, organ; Michael Dobinson, electronics

Victoria Day 2002 (2009)
for electronics

Mac Yard Song (2008)
for pe-recorded electronics

Green to Gray (2006)
for live and pre-recorded electronics

Thundersnow (2006)
for bell, live and pre-recorded electronics
2006-02-21; "Cold" solo show: The Ambient Ping; The Hacienda, 794 Bathurst at Bloor St., Toronto ON

Piano Sonata 4 (2005)
Lost Rails
i. prologue
ii. the abandoned train bridge
iii. GP7 ... the end of steam
iv. pastorale: a squirrel at the end of steel
v. epilogue
for piano solo
2006-07-17; Summer Sizzle 2006; Palmerston Ontario. ABRIDGED, mmts 1,2,4,5 played. Performed by Lucas and Keegan Lazarus

Memorial (2000)
the Naval Ships Memorial at Burlington (rev.2017)
for live electronics, pre-recorded electronics
2000-12-01; Canadian Electronic Ensemble presents "REAKTOR"; the Guerilla Gallery, St. George the Martyr Church, 197 John St., Toronto ON