A Review in the Form of A Dialogue
New Wave Composers Festival
f. Schafer, Ross, Gervais, Current, Farr, Lau, Heaslip, Mascall

performers of many and varied types, all great

Here is a bad picture of a squirrel seen through a venetian blind, who was quite annoyed when someone put out his eyes:

I'm just wasting time, because I tried to write a review, but it slipped away. It was going to be a dialogue, but ... oh well. It would have included gems of wisdom like "if you were interested in the concert, why didn't you go yourself and form your own opinion, or do opinions hurt you?", "If you have the flu, you don't stop barfing do you?", and "SLAM ... Putz."

I'll leave things as a blog entry at best, and just say I went to the concert to hear music, support colleagues, and conduct some business.

Well, the business was at best half done. But I am glad I made it out to the show. To keep things short, whoever missed this one missed great playing, good programming and curatorship, and some great pieces. If I were less lazy I'd scan the programme and just say here's all the people who deserve accolades for tonight. Yup ... if I were less lazy. Hell, if i were less lazy I'd lift up my head to see if there were a USB cable running from the computer to the cheap-ass 4 in one printer/scaznner/toaster/waffle iron piece of crud just above me. At least I'm not lazy about typing about pointless things or you would have nothing to read at this point on the page, as you'd likely be either in the break between paragraphs or on to the concluding sentence/paragraph by now.

Enough of this ... there are things other than music, some of them of greater import, to deal with right now.

Here, look at a flower:

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