MRDe's Pointless Self Made Page
of the Arbitrary Period of Time ...

updated whenever i feel like it. so there. capitilazation is optional on this page; i'll do IT if I fEel lIke It.
You can copmlian about the speeling fi u wan to, but .... weel, im' laze.

Present Pointlessness ...
TAG ... you're something that rhymes with IT

Prior Pointlessness ...
The M1 ... one weird-ass British Submarine ... Ugly, ugly submarine.
Cars Have Trunks for a Reason, Idiot ... look and learn.
Why I no longer drink my favourite mass-produced beer ... Molson, go to hell.
How NOT to present classical music on radio ... CFMX ... A Big Cup of Morning Effluent.
Molson Go To Hell Redux