I Learned Something Today ...

In the course of my non-music life I spend way too much time on the internet. But I can learn things while I'm trying to move through the clogged traffic and attempting to breath the pollution-clogged "air" on the "information superhighway" or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

For example, today I learned that Yahoo is so sweet. They told me the following after I'd finished sending an email:

"Whistle while you work (or chat).

"While you are sending IMs like crazy, you can also listen to that crazy new band right in your Yahoo! Canada Messenger window.
Just turn on one of your many web radio stations and start rocking."

Why do they assume i want to "rock"? Do they think I'm some brain dead idiot? Why would I like crazy bands ... perhaps I prefer competent, interesting, or PRECISE ensembles, not some drug-addled reject band ...


And they can take the stupid "Pick up Shakira" banner ad that they're sticking on their webmail interface and "Stick it up Shakira's label". Very clever, "pick up" Shakira. How many people really fall for the implication that some walking piece of marketing would dole out physical pleasure to them?

Wow ... someone put an insect up my rectum for sure.

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