Annoying people via your own crappy taste
... a how-to note!

Looking at my email today, mainly to delete spam from one of my less frequently used accounts, I noticed something irritating in a subject header.

Free ringtones were promised to me.

I should have figured out who was offering me these, so I could add them to the list of companies I will boycott. They've pissed me off, whoever they are, for two reasons:

1) Why the hell should music be free? I know most people these days seem to believe they should just be able to download whatever music they want for nothing. I catch someone who hasn't paid for or been given it by me directly, with my music, I feel I should be given the opportunity to either sue them or kick them in the groin in retaliation. I deserve something for my work, whether it be money, the joy of making someone who has been stealing from me feel pain, or a chance to see if kicking a woman in her generative organs causes her pain so I can make jokes about that to go with the ever-popular "man gets hit by football in groin" gags.

2) Ringtones are vile noise pollution. Just because some walking rectum decides they like to hear Snoop-Doggy Vomit or Ja Rule(z nothing) or Can-Him West or some totally putrid arrangement of Beethoven whenever they get a phone call doesn't mean I want their taste imposed on me when I'm forced to be in a public space.

That's about it. Back to trying to do something productive with my day.

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