MRDe's Pointless Self Made Page
of the Arbitrary Period of Time ...

updated whenever i feel like it. so there. capitilazation is optional on this page; i'll do IT if I fEel lIke It.
You can copmlian about the speeling fi u wan to, but .... weel, im' laze.

Present Pointlessness ...
Opera Directors ....

Prior Pointlessness ...
The M1 ... one weird-ass British Submarine ... Ugly, ugly submarine.
Cars Have Trunks for a Reason, Idiot ... look and learn.
Why I no longer drink my favourite mass-produced beer ... Molson, go to hell.
How NOT to present classical music on radio ... CFMX ... A Big Cup of Morning Effluent.
Molson Go To Hell Redux
TAG ... you're something that rhymes with IT
Shove that cell phone where it won't be heard.
Someone, please! Make them stop! For the love of mental health, make them stop!
I learned something today, pointless as it is.
Attack of the Zombies!
I have a pain in one of my cranial loebs!
Ricky Bobby P!$$es Me Orff.
Bach and Dancing Robots.

A thought for the {however long I keep this posted}:
The Great Thinker Homer says, "If you're too damn stupid to know what to do, just keep your damn-fool mouth shut, so at least you don't make things any worse." I ignore this advice and yak anyway, more fool I.