A Sudden Sharp Pain in my Loeb.

Tonight, I visited a website to get information on TV schedules. I'm not going to mention what site or TV channel, since people who annoy me don't deserve to share my massive amount of traffic.

So, off i go to ********.## for information on their TV schedule (all programming dealing with Canadian or world history), specifically looking for schedule information on a series dealing with the building of the first trans-Canadian rail line (trains ... do I ever shut up about them?) And what keeps flickering in the corner of my eye, what took up a good 10-15% of the website screen area? Could it have been information regarding the historical-based theme of the website and the associated television programming? Some valuable piece of historical knowledge or imagery? A quiz on history?

Oh, dream of dreams ... finding a website that focused on what it porported to be about! Could it be true?

Of course not. What are you, an idiot?

What i get, taking up much screen real estate, is a flash ad for Lisa Loeb's new TV show, about her trying to get dates so she no longer has to be single.

I remember Lisa Loeb ... one hit, a video with the song and her in her horn rimmed glasses, irritating me as I channel flipped past it. Then she disappeared. I thought she was dead.

That was, until this show, SINGLE or RETARD or whatever it's called, showed up in the last week or so.

Now I just kind of wish she was dead. Extreme? Maybe ... but SO WHAT! hahaha

I did send a little crank-o-gram off to ********.## to express my annoyance in more temperate language than is usual for me in e-communication. I saved the good stuff for here.

First off ... there's a word for torpedoing your product with crappy, out-of-target-market ads. Some people call it good advertising, but I call it a good way to get my dinner to visit the open air again via the wrong piece of bodily tubing. Who could think that people interested in serious history are interested in some pop-tart and her probably faked dating life? I might be wrong, but somehow I think the two audiences have little crossover. Although maybe I'm just not seeing really real reality, and that's why I'm poor and bitter (as opposed to rich and bitter, which is better, or drunk and happy (the latter following from the former and the former only, with both usually being followed by a torpor)).

Not only was the whole amount of space and inappropriateness of the ad annoying, so was the copy.

"Famous talented rich female seeks male. For some reason," said the ad.

"Unfamous not talented poor male composer seeks to punch ad copy writer in the throat. For some reason," thought I.

I'm sure some thought-challenged copy writer thought male-bashing was a nice, cutesy way to sell a show about some faded star trying to get some action. I could go off on a bitter or hate-filled tangent, but I'll just say I wish I were a hermit, and had jammed a coat hanger up my nose and poked out the gray matter that controlled any type of desire for generative activities with members of ANY gender (there are 7).

Also, I know I really should give up on TV, but it is my friend ... mother ... secret lover ...

I wonder what's on?

O NO!!!!



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