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Holy _#$% ... why WON'T MOLSON STOP?

The Dies Irae from the Mozart Requiem has now been sodomized for a Rickard's ad.

What are their idiot marketers trying to do ... add class by purloining popular, widely known pieces of classical music? If so ... they FAIL.

Attract attention by uising music that has passed the test of time? Maybe ... but I hope people aren't that dumb. My hopes are, historically, dashed frequently. I'd elaborate, but I can't be bothered ... with fending off slander suits.

Are marketers showing what a socially useless set of parasites they are? But of course ... they can't help it. Look ... even ones with titles like "vice president" spew bile as stupid-sounding as their beer is vile-tasting.

Hahahahah .... that tool said "leadership in music". Any organization that does what Molson has done to Orff and Mozart shouldn't be allowed to talk about music.

Ahhh, that link brought back Molson's "popular" It Starts Here ads to my mind. Now that I'm finished stopping myself from lobotomizing myself in self defense, I'll deal with those festering mis-aimed aromatic piles of feces. One may have thought that a Simpsons parody beer ad, featuring the deathless line "look at all those feminists", had plumbed the very depths of how much stupidity, how much stereotypical behaviour, could be portrayed in a beer ad. Bravo Molson ... you've gone lower than even parody can. Oddly though, you're still not as stupid as the repulsively stereotypical "drooling sex obsessed male with no taste or any type of brain" Coors ads ... oh wait, I forgot ... Coors and Molson merged (they're now the Molsor Coors "Brewing" Co.), the double headed beast of stupid beer advertising in North America. I just complain less about Coors because ...

a) no-one in Canada can stomach American beer (well, no one who counts anyways), as we well know that it tastes like carbonated urine from someone with a particularly bloody urethral problem.
b) Coors must already know it's a joke. Unless it is overstaffed with repulsively stupid marketers .... oh, wait. Take out b); there's only one reason.

You %$#%* @#$%*%)$## ^*$@%*!)$*% *(!@#$)!#*$))!@#* sucking descendants of @#$%* ($%)@*)!&%#$ **#$ crossbred with *%%(!#*$ %*)&*!@#$ !#()$!$#%*)&@#^$(%*!#( )$!(@#$ Y&T)#@$&(*#($# %&@#$)%* and deformed fish. Stop making your stupid ads, and fix your damn swill of a beer.

I've really got to just switch the TV off while commercials are on ... but then how would I know what products to boycott?

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