Molson ... go to hell ... AGAIN!

UPDATE: Oct. 11/05 ... Molson might have listened to me. The Canadian flag is back.

On my way to and from work, I pass one of Molson's big breweries. I notice, since the hockey season started, they've taken down the Canadian flag they usually fly and replaced it with what appears to be a Toronto Maple Leafs' flag (Molson is a sponsor the team).

Well, Molson ... you've pissed me off again (here's how you did it the first time). Do you hate Canada or something? A hockey team is more important to you than the country your business started in?

Well, maybe you think it is to some of your customers. BUT NOT TO ME. I'd not be replacing my country's flag with some flag commemorating Xenakis, Cage, Mahler, or any hero of mine. Perhaps on a pole beside my home country's flag, at a lower level ... to show proper respect to my country's flag. Perhaps under my country's flag. Anything else is an insult.

Not the first time you've been a little less Canadian than you want Canadians to think, is it, Molsons? How about replacing the admittedly hokey yet quasi-patriotic "I am Canadian" ad campaign with the retarded "It starts here" campaign for your swill Canadian "beer" product? (side note here ... doesn't reading an article with marketer speak in it make you sick? "This campaign covers natural territory for Molson Canadian and captures it in a truthful and relevant consumer insight" ... does that even really MEAN ANYTHING?). Odd that the change followed merging with American company Coors, whose beer far surpasses Molson's in its resemblance in taste to toxic runoff from a barn.

Molson ... go to hell. You get none of my money. If I were less lazy and inept, I'd set up an electronic petition from those who agreed with me on boycotting your products. But ... well ... I'm lazy and inept.

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