CFMX ... A Big Cup of Morning Effluent

CFMX in the morning blows more than CBC Radio 2 in the morning ever did.

Bring back CBC Radio 2 in pretty much the old format. No matter what brain dead retards say.

I was listening to CFMX instead of CBC Radio 2 on the way in to work this morning; as usual, the "shuffle play" lockout programming on CBC wasn't much to my taste. Get people who actually program back on the job soon, CBC.

CFMX ... your morning show blows. The ads ... yeah, I tune in to a classical station to hear ads with over-loud pop music.


You've got that pop-music radio babble going on, and, crowning glory this morning, as I proceed into a bank of what is either smog laced fog or pure thick smog, your announcer suggests going out and getting a slice of the beutiful weather and storing it to enjoy during the winter. Yeah, store away a nice bag of noxious toxic air, great idea. Maybe there's no smog in Coburg, CFMX guys, but you did just FINISH REPORTING ON THE SMOG OVER MOST OF SOUTHERN ONTARIO before making that sterling suggestion.


Let's add to this mix the fact you play VERY LITTLE MUSIC, and you've got a pretty lame morning classical station. They have a good traffic report though.

THe CBC morning shows in the past might not feature the most interesting mix of music, but at least there's a lot of music. At least there are no ads. And the talk, while a bit self-concious and hokey, at least isn't totally aggravating. In fact, the listener request letters read out actually sometimes give a feeling of community; at least, a feeling of community to listeners to (mainly European) classical music. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Perhaps I'll spew more thoughts on the CBC later; perhaps I'll riff on anti-CBC retards. For now ... I'll just listen to what's in my head. Hopefully the ol' brain will spew up some music, instead of those horrible horrible invisible voices nattering away in the confines of my skull ...

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