Ricky Bobby P!$$es Me Orff.

Ahhh, another pointless shot in my futile war on Pop Culture.

It may be a silly war, but not as silly as having a War on Terror ... what's next, a massive military campaign against flanking actions? Enough on world events though, I'll leave those to my elected betters and stick to my pointless series of unnoticed raids on the pop culture collosus.

What's he on about this time? I hear thundering from all my fans.

Obviously, Sony Pictures hasn't learned anything from my war on Molsons, which, although a Pyrrhic vitory, is going better than I hoped (I never realized I drank that much) as they've allowed an ad for one of their "fine" upcoming releases, Talledega Night the Ballad of Rickey Bobby (if I got the spelling on that wrong, it's because I refuse to fact check anything to do with Will Farrell, as exposure to trailers for his films have caused me to lose much time running to the washroom, so it'll stay wrong), to use Orff's much appropriated and abused O Furtuna from Carmina Burana to be used in one of the innumerable ad campaigns for this movie.

As an aside here, I have a theory ... you CAN judge a movie from its trailers. I've included one of my most effective predictive techniques below ... just look for one or both of the following two conditions, and you'll know that even the executives in charge of the film KNOW, without a doubt, that the film is NOT GOOD ...

1) A series of TV trailers starts over a month before a film's relase date and there are multiple trailers (in different styles, with different clips and different music) for the same film. (In these cases, you can usually expect another push, probably immediately after opening, which will feature yet anouth TV ad, and perhaps pushing the few positive reviews of the film and the reaction of "audience members" who seem more interested in showboating for the camera than actually delivering any intelligent comments about the film).

2) Taco Bell is doing the merchandising for the film.

Anyway, Tallyho Nits the Song About Bobby's Ricketts is filling criteria 1 quite nicely. I figure that this picture and Sony Films aren't going to do so well (hope hope) so I might not have to do much more than not go to the movie, which I wasn't going to do anyway.

Oh yeah ... there IS one more thing to do ... Join Molson in Hell, Talledega Night the Ballad of Blah Blah Blah. Get better marketers. And Sony ... you're on thin ice on this one. I'll let you off for now since you make reliable consumer electronics.

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