Bach ... and Dancing Robots.

The news can contain so many gems ... like this.


But I'm left wondering ... why the hell should I care?

You know, there are musicians working NOW who might benefit from the resources and money being poured into this research. If I didn't have friends and colleagues (and even people with musical skills who I nevertheless wish all the harm and lack of success in the world to) unable to pursue their work I wouldn't much care about this use of resource. Actually, more important than that ... it's nice and all that we're working to maintain our heritage, but there are people in this world who might well have no future free of either disease or crushing starvation-level poverty, who will never have the opportunity to navel gaze into their own past. From that point of view, who really gives a crap what Bach was doing to work on his pedal technique or manual dexterity?

Ahhh ... the future ... a place of such hope.

I take back that hope part. The future is just a place; a place like a slag heap or toxic dump. I should have just left my original typo in for the line above ... the future ... a place of SUCK hope.

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