Tag Body Spray ... it's something that rhymes with IT!

What an experience I have just experienced.

Oh, sorry for the tautology. Let me try again.

What an experience I have just endured. Suffered. Been viciously intellectually sodomized by.

What happened, you may ask? (I suspect few will ask, but for those starving for entertainment, here goes ... )

On goes the TV, and right up comes an ad for Tag body spray.

For those of you unfamiliar with this product, it's a body spray that seems to replace bathing in males. You spray it on, and (to lapse into the vernacular) chicks fall all over you. They want neither your money or time (like Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas seems to be able to get with her humps, humps ... her lovely lady lumps. That ^&*$&^&#^%ing lyric (I always used to think songs had lyricS, but given the intelligence of the putrid spew dribbling corpulently and wetly from the gaping anus of pop music today, the singular seems more appropriate)), they're just attracted to the stench of Tag body spray. Heaven forbid you run out of that foetidly aromatic crap and have to try giving her your time and money to keep her ... oh no ... I'm living pop song lyric (NO S, dammit) and ads in my brain.

I am so off topic.

Anyhooo ... the Tag "Use us instead of bathing" ad is on. Some twenty something waifish twit boy is sitting in a classroom while ultra-hot teacher comes and sits on his lap (implication ... tumescence becomes a rich DNA filled lap soaker followed by a deflation, of course). Up on the screen flashing a disclaimer from tag (what genius marketer or advertiser came up with something as original as a clever fake disclaimer? I can't believe people get to stuff their pockets with filthy lucre for stupidly recycling banal ideas. Hope there's room in their pockets after they covetously ogle that big wad of cash they're being handed, beckoning them to follow waif-retard student into the land of controlled-flow-of-fluid-induced growth so they can carry the stash. Or that they are female and needn't worry about taking up all that trouser room in excitement. Parasitic pieces of vermin ... someone please neuter the lot of them and improve scum's gene pool). And what does this disclaimer say?

Well ... slightly paraphrased ... "Using tag body spray in a collegiate setting may result in straight A's ... " and it went on from there. But I, me, was already hooting in derision.

It's pretty damn obvious it's the damn body spray that's getting those As, but it's as sure as heavy urination follow 3 beers (that's BEERS, not crap from Molson, by the way ... don't get me started on those idiots) that whoever wrote, whoever vetted, and whoever signed off on that ad wouldn't get As in anything, even with the malodorous perfume for testosteroronally challenged androgynes.

Did you catch it?

A's ...

As do not have an apostrophe, you grammatically challenged, imagination starved festering waste of space advertising sputum. It is NOT a possessive, it is NOT a contraction, and your damn ad is NOT worthy of existence.

Whoever was associated with this ad, including the gas-warfare jockeys who make Tag, the oozing pus-sore of a product, do not deserve to be allowed to make livings in the trades (although calling anything to do with this diseased, malformed ABORTION of a televised impacted shingle a TRADE is really doing a disservice to even the most ignoble of trades, LAWYERING) that they profess to be a part of.

Go rot in a cesspit, you retarded image jockeys. You make me ill. Bye!