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this "week" -- PT Fifteen Ninety Five C 20_0214 (in 6 movements)
And now, the final movement! Scroll on down ...

previous announcements :
(feb 25/20) - in missssiisssssuagua, listening to traffic. So I will post movement 5 of my recent improv set - birds sing (down lower with the audio players!)
(feb 24/20) - And now, let loose into the uncaring void, movement 4. (there was a cat picture in the facebook post - no cat pic here!)
(feb 23/20) - Due to underwhelming response and demand, movement 3 is now available for a while.
(feb 20/20) - first announcement, now lost in time ...

The last 2 movements will be doled out over the next few days unless ennui/lassitude/a desire to feed to the void what the void returns to me overtakes me; here's what up now:
Movement 1: rss r EB3300

Movement 2: vlts r 6A6DCD

Movement 3: lifetime quest 4 sum1 like u

Movement 4: cranium like urs, trunk 2

Movement 5: birds sing

Movement 6: ur gonna pay!

This piece is improvised - with all the inherent inelegancies and risk of problems inherent in the dark art of live electronic improv, so they is what they are.

PS: There's a theme to this piece (or perhaps a theme and a pop culture reference hidden away) - make your guesses in the FcaeObok comments section (if you got here from my FceaOobk profile you'll know where to go - if not have fun finding it!). As incentive, I might declare a winner for correct guesses. There might be a prize. Then again, commenting might just be a waste of time.

PPS - For those who care, the 2nd movement is a single take using a new pair of melodic/sonic passages; this material recurs movements 1 and 3 through 6, but improvised using old improvisations (from 2006-2007) as a ground.

PPPS - I've left the link to the last freebie up for now because I like the title and the underlying affect/pop culture reference. You're welcome. Keep reading to get to it.

PPPPS - If I get any expressions of interest, I'll post a catalog of all the previous freebies so you can all see what you missed.

The last freebie was and still is ....

some lose ... , a new short electroacoustic work.

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