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They're only here for some random period. I'm whimsical about timing ... at times.

Nothing here now. Maybe I'm replacing this page.
Also, I suspect no-one will care this is gone. Let me know on facebook if you disagree.
I look forward to the resulting extended performance of 4'33".

More to come on this, but here are some of the things you missed by not visiting regularly:
- feb/20: Aubade oh-five zehro ni
- apr 12/20: Revisiting the Events of rehYon Zehro-eeChee Dash Ni Sen sheChee
- feb/20: PT Fifteen Ninety Five C 20_0214 (in 6 movements)
- jan 3/20: 122519p120405_enceladus_MechanicalSleighRide
- jan 11/20: some lose
- dec 12/19: mechanicalbeavertechnology AND @re_eddit_WM2019xt_536_enjoyitlovepigs

PS: To ask about the title me on Fesses de bouc. But it's a dull story. Probably.
(last update apr 12/20)
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