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for people who want to hear nice things about music

All who know me sooner or later get the joy ... or at least experience ... of hearing me heaping invective on something. However, this site is a public record and thus should reflect my finest thoughts. Also, I have no finances to mount a legal defence if I pis ... annoy anyone.

Therefore, I now begin my nice reviews of things musical.

The first review ever ... start here for the complete experience!
Oct. 19 2005 (wed.): G. F. Handel's Rodelinda, presented by the COC

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NOTE: With luck, some reviews from 2007-2008 will soon be restored. Having your site hacked sucks particularly when the person your webmaster rents server space from is {several paragraphs of invective deleted} and several live fishes would swim in that.

Jun. 6 2006 (tues.)(review of a performance on Jun. 3 2006): Part 3 of an epic reviewing trilogy!
Jun. 3 2006 (sat.)(review of a performance on Jun. 1 2006): Part 2 of an epic reviewing trilogy!
Jun. 2 2006 (fri.)(review of a performance on May. 31 2006): Part 1 of an epic reviewing trilogy!
May. 18 2006 (thurs.): Esprit Orchestra, a GOOD review poorly written.
Apr. 19 2006 (wed.): What to do and not do at a performance of Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde.
Mar. 22 2006 (wed.): Rarely heard optional parts in a performance of
Shostakovich's 8th Symphony!
Jan. 8 2006 (sun.): A great new
Music Review, talking about stuff funded by someone with a musical name!
Dec. 1 2005 (thurs.):
Esprit Orchestra, featuring Canada's mightiest organ
Nov. 18 2005 (fri.):
Rachmaninoff and Mahler, played by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Nov. 12 2005 (sat.):
A Scelsi Centenary with Louise Bessette
Oct. 28 2005 (fri.):
Esprit Orchestra; 23rd Season Opener

Just for fun: MOVIE REVIEWS!:
Jul. 31 2006 (sun.):
May. 15 2006 (mon.):
V for Vendetta
Feb. 25 2006 (sat.):
The Chronicles of I'm too lazy to type the whole title ... oh wait, I could have typed the whole title already instead of making this hyper-link into a barbed commentary on building a franchise by creating a ponderous title for your film

SELF REVIEW OF REVIEWS: Why I never became a writer and/or critic
May. 18 2006 (thurs.):
New Wave Composer Festival, Night 2
More coming soon(er or later)