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Oct. 5 2009 (mon.) Time to start updating this site again I think. Now that I've likely lost all my fans.

Be that as it may, off we go.

Little to say really though, save for an upcoming performance. Full details on this are still to come, but here's what info there is:

November 14 (sat.), 2009 8pm
Stratford Ontario

Rare and Unusual music by Canadian Composers Michelle Wells, Michel Allard, Marco Burak and Michael Dobinson.

The repertoire is not fully finalized or is not all known to me, but my contribution is to be:
     1) "Before the Falling Sun", for voice and piano, text by William Barnes.
     2) "Ganymede", for voice and live electronic processing.
     3) "Goodnight, Goodnight", for voice and piano, text by Mark Twain.

Stay tuned for more details.

PS: I'm well north of my usual stomping grounds at this point, enjoying both the colours of autumn and trains, all at the same time. The Ontario Northland Railway rules.

May. 1 2009 (fri.) A new review.

May. 1 2009 (fri.) A sad note; John Loweth passed away on April 4 2009.

For mrde-readers, the name may not be familiar but the effects of his work are: the many publications of mrd works I've noted in the site have been done under the auspices of Mayfair Montgomery, which John founded in 1979 (more on Mayfair Montgomery here).

More information on John can be found here, here, or here.

As John was an advocate for Music Education and the dessemination of new and Canadian music, readers are encouraged to donate fund towards the two Conservatories that he was passionate about:
CNCM (Canadian National Conservatory of Music)
Conservatory Canada

Mar. 28 2009 (sat.) Wow. Just over a month since the last update. I'm on fire. A new review now exists on this site .... just follow the March 26/09 link on the super-happy nice review page to bask in my opinionated prose if you wish.

Additionally, the CNCM has decided to publish two more of my piano works in one of their upcoming collections. More details later as review writing has fatigued me.

Feb. 11 2009 (wed.) Again, it's been awhile, between server hacks, data loss, and obligations both paying and non-paying.

Enough digression. News time.

My good friends at the Canadian National Conservatory of Music (CNCM) wrote me and had this to say:

Our volunteer Selection Committee has reviewed hundreds of submissions and we have now finalized selections for inclusion in the Northern Lights Level 5A Repertoire collection. On behalf of Northern Lights CNCM, I am very pleased to inform you that Spring Song has been selected.

Simply put, another publication!

The CNCM has also invited me back to speak and participate in thier annual Summer Sizzle festival this July in Palmerston, Ontario. Keep checking back as I'll post further details soon.