mmmm Composers In Concert
Since 2009, founding composers Michel Allard, Michael Dobinson, Michelle Wells, and Marco Burak have combined their skills as composers, performers, and presenters from mmmm's home base in Stratford.

Their intention was to perform or workshop works by themselves, and invited composers, to explore the width and plumb the depths of new music's varied sounds, styles, aesthetics and methods.

Now in their 8th season, mmmm has already presented about 80 new works and featured 4 guest composers and (in cooperation with Zion Lutheran Church) hosted a guest choir. We're looking forward to see what more is to come in the future!

Yet More New & Used Music; 2016-11-05

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Our autumn 2016 show - Yet More New & Used Music - is coming soon!

So, what new works will be presented?

And what used music will be presented?

More to come soon!

And be sure to join us November 5, 2016, at 3pm at Zion Lutheran Church in Stratford Ontario, to find out for sure!