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Fri May 8 2020: Once again, this poor site has been neglected. No (well more likely some) more! Most recent update is on the freebie page here.

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Thur Dec 12 2019: Time for more freebie music - just posting some improv work I did after the day job today. Go here.

Thur Nov 11 2019: Sorry website, I have neglected you.

I performed with my mmmmComposers in Concert colleagues on Nov 9/19 in Stratford, but this is the first you'd have seen this on the website.

Sorry 'bout that.

The show did feature my 2 newest electracoustmatic works - Water Music 2019 (wadi el-hitan) (with me on percussion of all things) and 19 Years After (which, as I had hoped, was found scary and loud by at least some of the audience and riveting by others ... joy!).

For a freebie electronic "fast composition", go here.

Sat May 4 2019, 16:00: I'll be appearing with my MMMMConcerts colleagues Marco Burak, Michel Allard and Michelle Wells again in Stratford as we present the first show (4,4,4.) of our 11th MMMM concert season. Check the MMMM website (or our Visagetome page) for more details.

I'm planning at least 1 new electracoustmatic work for this show (there may even be some audience participation in ordering this work), and possibly a classic. We shall see ....

Sat Nov 24 2018: I appeared with my MMMMConcerts colleagues Marco Burak, Michel Allard and Michelle Wells again in Stratford. To mark the end of mmmm's 10th season I presented a new work for piano, percussion, electronics and organ -- before during after.

Wed Aug 8 - Thurs Aug 9 2018: I was in Biggar SK as a visiting composer at the Canadian National Conservatory of Music's (CNCM's) 2018 Summer Sizzle. Remember that many of my shorter piano works are featured in the CNCM syllabus - for purchase information click here!

Sat Jun 3 2017: I presented and performed new works with my colleagues Michel Allard and Marco Burak in Stratford Ontario.

Jan 19 2017 (thur.): Hey look, there WAS a number 9 in my series of limited time freebies, and now it is gone.
    And again, if you wish to commision a Paybie in that case from me let me know on Faaseebuk and we can discuss terms.

Nov 19 2016 (sat.): And yet again, freebie gone! That was number 8 in my hopefully popular series ... let's see if there is a number 9.
    If you wish to commision your own freebie - or, I guess a Paybie in that case - (we can discuss terms but I want people to pay me a lot so I can write all the time), let me know on Faaseebuk.

Nov 5 2016 (sat.): I performed/presented new works in Stratford as part of mmmmConcert's 2016 Season. Details on the poster here ...
    My new electracoustmatic piece called "For We Have Slain the Night", as well as several pieces that deconstructed familiar works by Beethoven, were on the programme. My colleagues Michel Allard and Marco Burak presented their own works, with entries by Robert Schumann, Astor Piazolla, Jaques Ibert and Arvo Part. Thanks to all who joined us.

October 25 2016 (tues.): Time number 7 for another limited time only piece!
The last freebie lasted a while, didn't it?

This time around, I gave you all the thrill of the excitement of throbbing (futile) resistance to alien invasion!!!

Enjoy it ... well, hope you enjoyed it, for it is now gone.

August 16 2016 (tues.): Time number 6 for another limited time only piece .... has passed!
It has been quite a while since my last freebie feature brought to you by my website and via Facebook.

Yup, it is the soon to come adieu for A Universe Filled By Poison Light.

Hope those who heard it enjoyed.

April 23 2016 (sat.): My show in Stratford, Ontario is now over - good show, good performances! Two new works from me. More details HERE.

Feb 29 2016 (mon.): Time number 5 for another limited time only piece is now over. Link go bye bye!!! No more Obsession v2.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 22 2016 (mon.): Time number 4 for mikeD's weekly piece. Here's Chickadee's Song While Caged On Tralfamadore - oh no, wait, it's gone now! I do mean limited time only - unless you save it by some other royalty free means, you pirate (expletives deleted). I'd offer a prize to anyone who can tell me about Tralfamadore, but since you're online you'll just look it up with the google or the wikipidea. That's not impressive. No prizes.

Feb 17 2016 (wed.): Monday was a holiday, so I decided to do the "weekly" tradition on Tuesday. And yet it's still late.

Third time - we'll see if the fame of mikeD's weekly piece is enough to continue doing it after this!

Also, as a change from the last two pieces, which were essentially cleaned up improvs done on a monday night, this is a remix of an old improvisation - the order of events from the improv was maintained, but the piece was tightened up by juxtaposing things that were once unjuxtaposed.

After all those words, oh well - the limited time is up! No more Remixing the Eternal Formant!

Feb 9 2016 (tues.): Looks like we might be onto a weekly custom. Although two times does not a custom make: AFLOAT on SEAS of CHLORINE (and ... it too is gone after a limited time!)

Feb 1 2016 (mon.): (updated feb. 9/16) The new year continues. I figured it was time to do something. But as I warned you, starred depths - floating crystals cry was for a limited time only

Jan 18 2016 (mon.): Happy New Year - finally. Hope you're all having a good 2016. Hopefully I'll neglect this site less in 2016. That's not a resolution, it's merely something I consider a better use of a website.

Also, after a far too long period of downtime, is back up, in all its limited glory. It too is sadly showing neglect - perhaps that shall be solved too.

Well, bye!

Nov 18 2015(wed.): ~sigh~ my poor neglected website. So long since an update. The last concert I was involved in didn't even warrant one. I shall pay more attention to you, my poor neglected site and my many many fans.

Nov 7 2015(sat.): SHOW! mmmm Composers in Concert's 2015 season finale! Guest composer David Bird supplied some Frozen Chicken, and our other guest composer David Coscina provided a digital version of his Musashi Suite for orchestra ... from which I extracted material I used in my own Reflections on Musashi (Fantasia on Themes by Coscina). Marco Burak premiered a new piano prelude, and Michel Allard gave us 3 new works to enjoy. Additionally, I explored the ceremonial music of aliens (Alien Ceremonial Music #1 and Alien Ceremonial Music #2) and sonically explored Ontario (Still Waters and Stark Forests). Further details can be found on the mmmm website.

Jun 6 2015(sat.): SHOW! The 2015 Season of mmmm Composers in Concert kicked off the summer, with a visit from the She Sings! Women's Choir of Kingston, Ontario - led by our friend Martha Hill Duncan.

My new work, "Clouds over Titan: Neptune Rising" will be presented. There's a lot of different music planned for this concert: further details can be found on the mmmm website.

Less Recent Updates and Messages ...
Nov 12 2014(wed.):The 2014 Season of mmmm Composers in Concert had its finale on Saturday November 8 2014 at 4pm, with the now traditional mmmm autumn concert!

I presented 2 new pieces and a new take on an older piece:

Locks and Quays (Locks and Keys) - for piano, amplified locks, amplified keys and electronics (with Michel Allard on piano)
City Scenes Suite - Alien Cities Remix - for piano and electronics (with Marco Burak on piano)
Superior Sketches - for piano and (maybe) electronics (me on piano and electronics)

My colleagues Marco Burak and Michelle Allard also presented several pieces each --- full details of the program can be found on the mmmmconcerts website. Thanks to all of you who attended - it was great to see you all in Stratford.

May 24 2014(sat.): was the first show of the NEW SEASON for mmmm Composers in Concert!

Saturday May 24 at 7:30pm, in Stratford's Zion Lutheran Chuch was mmmm's premiere show of the 2014 "Keys" season.

I presented new electracoustmatic works titled chimeric features creep (the title explains itself) for electronics and piano (pianist Marco Burak commited to the part so ferociously he head-butted the piano while practicing. That'll teach THAT piano), and Keys for amplified keys. ON the acoustic side, Michel Allard premeired my new piano work Sonatina with 4 notes (One note per movement).
Click here for more details.

Nov 18 2013(saat.): As part of mmmm Composers in Concert's 2013 "Voices" season, I presented a new electracoustmatic work titled Nocturne; Night Feeding depicting the nightly migration of creatures from the deep ocean to the upper ocean for their dinner, and WATER POLLUTION CONTROLS, using both electronic sounds and electronic processed texts from a civil engineering proposal. Click here for more details.

Sep 18 2013(wed.): Larry Lake, Canadian composer/performer/improvisor/broadcaster passed away yesterday. As a broadcaster, Larry Lake actively explored and presented a vast selection of new music, both Canadain and international on the CBC during the run of Two New Hours. As a founding member of the Canadian Electronic Ensemble, he also actively worked in the field of live electroacoustic music.

May 4 2013 (sat.): I performed two new works in Stratford on May 4, 2013 (7:30pm) in Zion Lutheran Church as part of mmmm Composers in Concert's 2013 season.

Both pieces were electracoustmatic, combining live acoustic and electronic instruments with pre-recorded electronics, and were:

... to leave our bones upon them , exploring the life of the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, and
Commutation, a work based on the experience of commuting by train in an Ontario winter for piano, organ and electronics.

mmmm will also be doing a show in November ... stay tuned for more details on that!

January 15 2013 (tues.): Dispite all my fears about the Mayan Apocalypse, which followed shortly after the dire predictions for 12/12/12, here we are in 2013. Nice call, all those who thought the end of the Mayan calender cycle meant the end of the world -- you guys must freak out every time you have to get a new calendar.

Well, on with real news ... I just got this message from the Canadian National Conservatory of Music:

"Good news! Our volunteer Selection Committee has reviewed hundreds of submissions and we have now finalized selections for inclusion in the Northern Lights Grade 8B Musical Discoveries collection. On behalf of Northern Lights CNCM, I am very pleased to inform you that Water Music has been selected."

For those who want to check out my works list, Water Music is part of 7 Pieces for Much Bigger Fingers Vol. 1.

The work will be performed at the Canadian National Conservatory of Music's 2013 Summer Sizzle Festival in Mount Forest, Ontario, which takes place July 21-23 2013.

My thanks to the CNCM's selection committee for choosing this work for publication!


I'm so afeart, will the end hurt? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

November 7 2012 (wed.): A sad note, for a person who worte many naotes in their long and productive life. Composer Elliot Carter passed away on Nov. 5 at the age of 104.

His style was marked by rhythmic and polyphonic complexity, featuring complex cross-rhythms at both the surface and at a deeper structural level. As a personal note, his rhythmic processes were of great interest to me, and I thank him for the example he presented in that field.

November 3 2012 (sat.): I presented two new works, in Stratford on Saturday November 3 2012 at 4pm in Zion Lutheran Church. Again, the works were based on my reaction to various aspects of the War of 1812. The works were:

The Wreck of the Nancy for piano, electronics and organ
i. the Waters of Manitoulin
ii. the Adventures of the Nancy
iii. Lake of Ice
iv. Rising Storm
v. the Waters of the Nottawasaga
vi. Immolation
vii. Nancy Island
Three Littoral Nocturnes for piano and electronics
1. Tippecanoe River, 8-9 November 1811 (piano and electronics)
2. Stoney Creek, 6 June 1813 (electronics)
3. Niagara River, 15 August 1814 (electronics)
Many thanks to Michel Allard (piano) and Marco Burak (organ) for their performances, and congratulations to both on their own excellent works! Further details on the concert can be found on the concert programme here. These performances were part of mmmmConcerts' War of 1812 Bicentenary Season - this was the season finale.

May 30 2012 (wed.) One 1812 show down, one to go! On May 12 2012 I performed in the premieres of two new works of my own related to the War of 1812, reflecting my interest in this period of history (mainly from a Canadian viewpoint). These electracoustmatic works were:

The Inundation of Crysler's Farm for electronics, piano and organ
Brock's Monuments for electronics, flute, voice, piano and organ

My mmmmConcerts colleagues Marco Burak and Michel Allard also premiered new works ... further details can be found on the mmmmConcerts website.

Older Updates ...
Dec. 22 2011 (thurs.)
It's like a holiday gift; the Canadian National Conservatory of Music has just announced that two of my works (Sonatina in 5 and The Imperial Dance) will be included in their grade 8 repertory book, to be published in 2012. Thanks to their Selection Comitee for including these 2 works! Follow this link for information on purchasing their publications.

November 12, 2011 (sat.) 4pm: Again, I performed in Stratford in the second show of the 3rd season of the mmmmConcerts series ... more information on mmmm can be found here.

MRD works featured included a new electracoustmatic work, were:
  Northland Autumn, performed by Michel Allard (piano), Marco Burak (organ) and myself (electronics)
  Beethoven Take the Bus, performed by Marco Burak (piano)
  Decaying Monuments, performed by Marco Burak (piano)
  Perpetual Velocity, performed by Marco Burak (piano)

Works by my colleagues Michel Allard and Marco Burak also were heard, along with a piece by guest composer Paul Allard ... please see the mmmmconcerts site for more details. (If the mmmmConcerts site isn't updated, check back soon; it will be done sometime. Damn volunteer staffs ... )

July 17-19, 2011 (sun. - tues.) CNCM's Summer Sizzle: The Canadian National Conservatory of Music had its 11th annual Summer Sizzle piano pedagogy symposium for teachers and students on the dates indicated. I was there as a composition teacher, composer and gave a presentation on the subject of alternative musical notation. My work Trainspeople's Blues was presented at a gala performance of Canadian Compositions on the evening of July 17th, adn was given a great interpretation by Nicholas Lang. Further information can be found at the Canadian National Conservatory of Music website (click to be transported there by the magic of the INTERTUBEZ).

May 28, 2011 8pm: I appeared in Stratford with a few friends and colleagues ... more information can be found here.

The MRD work featured was:
  Voyager 2, performed by Michel Allard (piano), Marco Burak (organ) and MRD myself on an EMS Synthi.

Mar. 9 2011 (wed.)
I indicate today that I have coined the term electracoustmatic to describe the work I do combining purely electronic, sample acoustic and acoustic musical sources. I claim this for google seems to not be able to find matches for the term at the time I am writing this (11:25am EST, March 9 2011 (whatever calendar it is that claims this is 2011 ... Gregorian or something. I'm an electracoustmatician, not some calendar historitician or whatever calendar studiers are called; what am I some entymologist (assuming that's a person who studies words, and if it's not I meant whatever the real word for word-orinistic studytists are)?)), as demonstrated HERE!

Remember, you heard electracoustmatic here first, from the premier electracoustmatician ... premier by dint of being the first and thus only electracoustmatician there is, was or ever shall be.

Also, I'm the only one who can bestow the term electracoustmatician on others. Because I say so it is so and so I say making it so.

Dec. 2 2010 (thurs.) Christmas has come early for my loyal readers .... yet another update! And so soon! And it is good news ... Dodecaphonic Impromptu, yet another short composition from my in-progress collection of gradated piano works for students, will also be featured in the Canadian National Conservatory of Music's grade 7 series, in the "musical discoveries" book.

Nov. 25 2010 (thurs.) Fantasia, another short composition from my in-progress collection of gradated piano works for students, will also be published as part of the Canadian National Conservatory of Music's grade 7 syllabus.

Nov. 20 2010 (sat.) Several of my works (along with those of my colleagues Michel Allard, Marco Burak and Michelle Wells) were performed in Stratford; full details can be found here.

MRD features were the world premiere of excerpts from my Piano Sonata 6 on 6 Notes in 6 Movements (thanks to Michel Allard for a fine performance), my setting of Before the Falling Sun (another fine performance by Marco Burak on piano and vocalist Barb Redden) and me performing, in honour of winter, my ode to the icy moon of Jupiter, Europa, for "electric recorder" and pre-recorded electronics.

Nov. 12 2010 (fri.) Trainspeople's Blues, a short composition from my in-progress collection of gradated piano works, will be published as part of the Canadian National Conservatory of Music's grade 7 syllabus.

Nov. 12 2010 (fri.) the Canadian National Conservatory of Music has kindly decided to name their "M" level of their "Northern Lights Music For Everyone Program" after me. Piano students may curse the name Michael Dobinson forever!