MRDe-music review: A Music Review
A presentation of The Conservative Party of Canada
Led by Stephen Harper

Original Airdate Unknown, late 2005 or early 2006
I've been advised several time not to be political on this site.

So, here's a MUSIC REVIEW.


The federal Conservative Party of Canada (previously and briefly called the Conservative Reform Alliance Party, much to the delight of people who actually BOTHER FIGURING OUT ACRONYMS BEFORE MAKING PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS hahahahahah) recently began running this television ad.

The Liberal Party is not corrupt ... the Liberal Party is not corrupt ...

Holy (insert favourite type of excrement here), but that's some lame and unimaginative audio work there, Mr. Stevphen Harper and your great production team. I've (insert favourite and possibly involuntary bodily function here)ed up better audio when just screwing around with an ancient portable tape deck. With about 3 seconds of cogitation and the amount of time it takes me to boot up a computer, start even the lamest audio program, and 5 seconds of work, I could have done more with that. A musically retarded composer (I name no names) could beat the conservatives' effort out too. Although they might need more time. And some bananas ... ook ook (hey, isn't there a Gwen Stefani video/song that mentions bananas? Did a monkey compose that too? Unintelligent minds wonder ... ) Why don't you guys just embezzle some money and hire someone with talent to do your sound work for you? (PS ... I'm hirable ... really, I'll be totally good and pretend to toe the party line and everything. Then I'd become alcoholic just to live with myself ... hmmm, that might just be the secret some people were missing).

Oh yeah, you're not in power and can't misappropriate funds ... yet.

Get some taste, you acronym-challenged dolts.

Getting dangerously political for a second ... on January 23 (assuming you're Canadian), spoil your ballot. All of the candidates would be fun targets of badly drawn caricatures.